CO2 reduction

Today’s requirements to reduce resource consumption and limit pollution create the need to calculate the environmental footprint at every stage of the activity of our partner-clients.

Determining your environmental footprint is key to developing an action plan to save resources & energy, reduce waste generation and greenhouse gas emissions. These actions lead to a reduction in operating costs while bringing social and economic benefit.

At CINAR SA we have developed and have available tools for monitoring the environmental impact of your production process, and choosing the necessary decisions to reduce them.

What we offer:

  • Measurement of resources consumed and greenhouse gas emissions
  • Formulation of sustainable development goals
  • Determination of the margins of progress and improvement
  • Development of functional, innovative and economically competitive solutions
  • Traceability and transparency
  • Cost optimization
  • Social responsibility.

4 phase method

1. Diagnostic phase
After identifying and identifying the sources of greenhouse gas emissions, our experts proceed to collect the necessary data and model and calculate the emissions.
2. Elaboration of an action plan
It includes the development of targeted solutions and simulations to arrive at the quantification and prioritization of actions to manage greenhouse emissions with the aim of reducing them.
3. Communication planning
In this phase the exchange of information and results with users, the training of employees and the continuous improvement of practices are carried out.
4. Performance monitoring
Our experts organize the monitoring of the action program in cooperation with our client-partners. The reduction of the environmental footprint is quantified and the parameters for the improvement of the program are redefined.

We contribute with our know-how and experience in the implementation of green energy production and environmental protection applications which incorporate:

Traceability and transparency
Cost optimization
Social responsibility

Calculate the CO2 footprint of your daily commute
Calculate the CO2 footprint of your daily commute

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