On-site processing
On-site treatment with physico-chemical methods adds value to your business and saves valuable resources.

Mobile physicochemical treatment unit

Our company has been operating since 1998 the certified  mobile unit for physico-chemical treatment of liquid and muddy waste.

This mobile unit is the result of research efforts to develop flexible equipment for the on-site neutralization of hazardous waste using physicochemical methods.

The treatment takes place at the facilities of the waste producer, to which the equipment is transported by our company’s own means. The operation of the equipment is ensured by the specially trained personnel of our company.
The processes used are neutralization, flocculation, sedimentation, sequestration of heavy metals, screening and filtration.

The produced solid residue (filter cake) after filtration is utilized as an alternative raw material. The liquid fraction of the filtration can be reused as industrial water, used for irrigation purposes or disposed of in a natural receiver.

The advantages of using the mobile unit

On-site treatment of waste at its production site
Energy saving
Reduction of Environmental Footprint
Satisfying proximity principle
Certified operation
Saving water resources

Process flow chart

Production flow -Animation pics



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