Terms & Conditions

CINAR SA and its associates can process the data you submitted to prepare its technical and financial offer.

The information received is considered true and accurate, corresponding to the actual conditions of your waste streams and your facilities. Your company bears full responsibility for the accuracy of the data.

The offer you will receive is based on the data you have forwarded to us. Our company CINAR SA does not bear any responsibility for the accuracy of the data. Any differentiation of the data will result in the corresponding differentiation of our offer.

The offer of CINAR SA is subject to modifications, depending on the results of the autopsy that is likely to follow, and the results of the chemical analyzes of the waste samples that will be taken.

By forwarding the data, you agree that any disclosure of personal data to individuals is in accordance with applicable law (Regulation 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council on the protection of personal data of individuals). The data may relate to employees and associates and relate to personal information (eg name, surname, etc.).

CINAR SA is allowed to process these data for the smooth creation of the offer, taking the appropriate technical and organizational measures to ensure their good use.

No liability arises for CINAR SA from the processing of the data and from the bid to be submitted.

The submission of the offer is not meant as an agreement or contract and does not imply any contractual liability for the two parties involved.

The offer will be indicative and in order to acquire binding force, there must be a signed commitment of the two traders.